The largest european real estate magazine “Bellevue” has recently published Benjamin’s photographs of the “Villa Chameleon” as their cover story Feb. 2014. The 2,500 m2 villa chameleon is a supremely elegant and stately estate in the lofty heights of Son Vida on Majorca. Designed by the architect duo Patricio Munoz and Juan Carlos Erralde, it is a 21st century refuge with endless shades of light and pure privacy. By night, the chameleon showcases the work of light artists Olafur Eliasson and James Turrell. Its LED lighting allows for endless possibilities of colours and moods – illuminating the facade, the gardens and the pools. Every light programmable at a touch of a button. Have a look at the entire portfolio.


Bellevue-Magazin-Benjamin-Monn02  Bellevue-Magazin-Benjamin-Monn03

Bellevue-Magazin-Benjamin-Monn04  Bellevue-Magazin-Benjamin-Monn05

Bellevue-Magazin-Benjamin-Monn06  Bellevue-Magazin-Benjamin-Monn07