April 13, 2015

New Book Assignment for 5 Star Hotel Bayerischer Hof

ENCOUNTERS – Bayerischer Hof turns 175

This year, the Bayerischer Hof 5 Star Hotel celebrates its 175th birthday. To mark the occasion, the Munich hotel has commissioned the Condé Nast Manufaktur and photographer Benjamin Antony Monn to produce a gorgeous illustrated book. As Ms Innegrit Volkhardt, owner of the first address on Promenadeplatz, says: ‘If you have a past, you also have a future.’ Have a look at the entire shooting.

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August 30, 2013

Numero Vodafone Magazine

The customer magazine Numero Vodafone publishes the luxury hotel photographs made by Benjamin Antony Monn in Rajasthan India.

Benjamin A. Monn Photography 2013BAM-Numero-Magazine2

April 25, 2006

In the land of the King’s Sons India Luxury Hotels

Photodocumentary through Rajasthan from April to July, 2006

After several months of thorough preparation, BAM realizes his 4-month documentation trip to Rajasthan, the second largest state of India. The objective of the trip was, to document the unique architecture and beauty of the old maharaja palaces after their reconstruction into luxury hotels. Apart from a large number of great photographs of architecture and interior, a wonderful portrait series about the people of Rajasthan emerged from the trip.

Luxury_Hotels_Benjamin_Monn Rajhastan_Benjamin_Monn