Video on December 21, 2013


A stunning new house, recently completed in Palma, Mallorca, was the setting for a shoot by celebrated architectural photographer Benjamin Antony Monn that utilised the brand new Hasselblad H5D.

There are houses and then there are dream houses, and the recently completed Villa Chameleon, built in a prime setting overlooking the sea near Palma in Mallorca, most definitely falls into the latter category. Quite simply it’s a home to die for, an individually designed classic that combines state-of-the-art luxury with the very latest in high quality materials. Even with his vast experience of photographing some of Europe’s most epic buildings, documenting Villa Chameleon was still a special assignment for architectural specialist Benjamin Antony Monn.

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Video on June 03, 2013


Nice One! The Third and The Seventh made by Alex Roman is a full CG animated piece of art. Thanks to Can Amirak for reminding me!