The approach of a self-contained image composition proceeds in Monn’s third group of work: established since 2004, the project "FRAGMENTE" is based on a new construction of architectural forming and space details on the computer. Afterwards, the digital produced photo is exposed on photo base paper. For the surface’s construction of the black and white creations, architectural fragments are reflected once or several times. By repeating and reflecting the forms symmetrically, geometrical-ornamental patterns develop in a way, which serves rather the screen’s structuring than the reproduction of a real layout. Consequently, the fragmental constructions don’t simulate real space conditions, but create new futuristically inspired fictive spaces. For CASSIDA the photograph installed - for the very first time -two different parts of structure: Fragments out of Renzo Piano´s museum Paul Klee at Bern, and pieces out of Tadao Ando´s Vitra Design museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany. The non-scaled fragments’ composition was created in a process of experiments, lasting for months, resembling a never-ending puzzle. In the end a figurative structure of a mask respectively robot was formed.

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